Local leaders continue to stress the importance of social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- With the number of cases and deaths from the coronavirus increasing by the day, it's easy to feel helpless.

But in addition to maintaining good hygiene and self-isolation if sick, there is one thing we can all do to help stop the spread: follow social-distancing guidelines.

Dry Krys Johnson, with the Department of Epidemiology at Temple University, says we can't stress the message of social distancing too much.

"No matter who you are, you need to act like you are infected," said Dr. Johnson.

She says it will save lives and help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

"You can still get outside, so some people think they need to be shut in. You can still get outside, you just can't be outside in groups with people you don't live with," Johnson said.

Dr. Johnson says going for a walk or exercising with your family is permitted but you still need to maintain that six feet distance, with other individuals who may be outside.

Leaders in Delaware County say exercising is encourage, and the trails are open, but you have to do it safely.

"If you come to a trail and it's packed, and you don't think you can go and enjoy that trail without staying six feet away, get in your car and try another trail," said Delaware County Councilwoman, Elaine Paul-Schafer.

Philadelphia Health leaders continue to sound the alarm about social distancing and remind the community, a stay at home order has been activated and people should only go out for essential needs like grocery shopping or to a drug store.

"If you are going to exercise do it by yourself or with just a household group, so you are not exposing other people. Maintain your distance, do your exercise and come right back," said Philadelphia Health Commissioner, Dr. Thomas Farley.

Experts say when you got to the grocery store, try to go during off-hours to avoid crowds. And if your favorite outdoor spot is crowded, come back later or exercise indoors.
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