Coronavirus outbreak: American cruise passengers quarantined at US military bases

Three hundred Americans who'd been quarantined on a cruise ship in Japan are back on United States soil.

However, they won't be "home" for two more weeks or even longer and they'll be monitored very closely till they're out of the incubation period.

The two charter planes with 338 Americans landed in California and Texas Monday morning after a 12-hour flight from Tokyo.

But 14 people were back in the air a short time later, headed to Omaha, Nebraska.

Just before leaving Japan, tests showed those travelers were infected with the coronavirus.

None who tested positive showed any symptoms before getting on the plane.

Still, in the air, they were isolated from other passengers.

Then when they arrived in Omaha, they went to the University of Nebraska Medical Center, which has a special isolation unit for contagious diseases.

A few started to have mild symptoms, while one seems to have a more severe illness.

Officials there aren't sure yet how long the passengers will need care.

"For those that have a confirmatory test, we very well may have a longer length of stay. There will probably be some testing and re-testing, you know, before they're allowed to be discharged," says Shelly Schwedhelm, M.S.N., the executive director of emergency preparedness for Nebraska Medicine.

The State Department says three evacuees who landed at Travis Air Force base in Texas were hospitalized there because of fevers.

And several dozen Americans who tested positive while on the Diamond Princess remain in Tokyo hospitals.

Most of those who returned to the U.S. from the ship will spend 14 days in quarantine at military bases.

Still, after nearly a month in close quarters, passengers like Cheryl Molesky were happy to leave.

"We're exhausted, but we're on the plane. Pretty miserable wearing these masks, though," Molesky said on her cell phone video.

An 83-year-old American woman who was onboard a Holland America Lines cruise ship, called Westerdam, is in a Malaysian hospital with the coronavirus.

She didn't have any symptoms leaving the ship in Cambodia but got sick at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia.

There are still 92 other U.S. citizens on board that ship.

Holland America has canceled Westerdam's next voyage.
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