Handwashing 101: Ten steps to really get off germs on your hands

We're all trying to avoid getting infected with the Coronavirus.

While officials say it's impossible to know who might be silently carrying it, the CDC still says hand-washing is one of our best defenses in this pandemic.

Consumer Reports incorporates new research from the CDC into a video guide to proper hand-washing.

First, wet your hands with warm or cold water. Hot water is not required. Warm or even cold water is just as effective. The soap - and your cleaning action - will get rid of germs.

Next, use enough soap to cover the surface of both hands.

Rub your hands together for at least 20 seconds to work up a good lather.
And keep your hands pointing down so dirty water doesn't run into your sleeves.

Scrub the backs of your hands.

Then wash between your fingers, because germs are all over.

And wash your fingertips, and under your nails. Long nails can harbor a lot of germs.

Also, lather your thumbs, and scrub your palms with your fingertips.
Rinse your hands thoroughly, to get off all the soap residue.

And avoid touching the sides of the sink or the faucet, to prevent getting germs back on your hands again.

Dry your hands thoroughly, and don't wipe them on your clothes. That puts bacteria and viruses back on your hands.

Dry hands don't spread as many germs as wet ones.
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