What your Halloween costume says about your personality

What your Halloween costume says about you.

If you go as something scary, psychologists say that may mean you're looking to dominate social situations.

If you go as something silly like a clown or whimsical, you probably have a great sense of humor.

Psychologist Dr. Scott Bea, of the Cleveland Clinic, says putting on a disguise lets some people reflect their personality, while for others, it may reflect their alter ego, or who they would really like to be.

A costume also lets you be more creative, and perhaps show a side of your personality you'd like to enhance.

Overall, Dr. Bea says getting into character allows you to hide, and can make you feel anonymous, so you can let your guard down.

"When we get in a costume, or put a mask on, we lose our inhibitions, and this is part of what Halloween is all about," says Dr. Bea.

He adds, "It's about becoming disinhibited, playing with different elements of our personality, maybe some that exist outwardly, but probably ones we don't get to play with an awful lot."

And when people feel slightly anonymous, they may take more risks.

"Because of the disinhibition that we feel when we're in costume, we're a little freer in our socialization. And so that's what's fun about Halloween parties - we have built-in things to talk about, just based on our costuming, and how we're presenting ourselves - it makes it easy for people to be together," he says.

Dr. Bea says whatever your costume, enjoy that temporary return to childhood.
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