Couple takes down thief with sparkling cider in Washington State

SPOKANE, Wa. (WPVI) -- A Washington State couple took down a thief with a bottle of sparkling cider.

Stacey and Gerald Ellis say they pulled into their driveway in Spokane and saw a man rifling through their other car.

The thief took off, Stacey grabbed a bottle of sparkling apple cider, and her husband tackled the man on the sidewalk.

Stacey Ellis said, "They're on the ground wrestling, the guy's trying to get away, trying to talk, 'let me go, let me go man. Let me just get out of here, I didn't really take much.'"

Stacey says the man pulled out a gun, so she hit him on the head with the bottle of cider.

The gun turned out to be a BB gun.

Police say the man's backpack was full of stolen car keys and garage door openers.
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