First major study of U.S. COVID-19 patients shows high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes highest risks

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Wednesday, April 22, 2020
Action News coverage of the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak

We're getting a better look at who's most likely to get seriously ill from COVID-19.

Researchers at New York's largest health system have released the largest analysis yet of American patients.

It looked at the underlying medical conditions which put some people are a greater risk.

Until now, we were relying on data from other countries.

This new report gives us a look at what doctors here in the U-S are seeing.

It comes from the Feinstein Institutes for medical research.... they crunched the numbers, looking at 57-thousand patients hospitalized at 12 different New York City hospitals.

The most common medical conditions in patients with COVID19:

*57% had high blood pressure

*41% were obese

*34% had Type 2 diabetes

*Men were more likely to die due to the complications from the infection.

Overall 21% of the nearly 57-thousand patients died.

The lead author of the study describes what it has been like working at the hospital during this time.

"It's been heart-wrenching to watch. we've been amazed and awed at the way our work force has responded to this. Everyone has pitched in in any way possible, to do what they can, for what's best for our patients," says Karina Davidson, Ph.D. MASc, a professor and senior vice president at the Feinstein Institutes.

12% of the patients were put on ventilators, and of those 88% died.

But Dr. Davidson cautions that most people put onto ventilators were in dire situations.