Some top doctors cautiously optimistic for coronavirus vaccine by early 2021

Some top doctors are cautiously optimistic we'll have a vaccine against novel coronavirus by the end of the year or early into next year.

There has already been a lot of progress and several vaccines are already being tested in humans.

Other trials are getting ready to launch earlier than expected, including a trial for Johnson & Johnson's vaccine.

They announced human trials will start by mid-July. The original date wasn't until September.

If it's found to be safe and effective, the company says it will be able to supply one billion doses globally through 2021.

This is just one example why experts say things are going well.

"When you are developing vaccines, there is never a guarantee that you are going to have a safe and effective vaccine. What I am confident about is how well the process is proceeding that the development of more than one candidate in early testing in animals and early human trials looks promising," said Dr. Anthony Fauci.

He goes on to say by mid to late Fall, we should have a good idea which vaccines are safe and effective.

On Tuesday, the federal government announced plans to have 400 million syringes and needles ready to go for winter and they're working on developing the pre-filled plastic blister packages instead of the glass vials, which can sometimes be in short supply.
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