Outbreaks tied to college students on spring break, and at Michigan restaurant

People have been cooped up but now as many states start to lift restrictions, a lot of younger adults are out and about.

However, some may be letting loose a little too much.

The CDC is reporting after 183 college students from Austin, Texas went to Mexico for spring break, 60 tested positive for Covid-19 after that trip...

And in East Lansing, Michigan, the health department there says 25 people ages 19 to 23 tested positive after visiting a local hot spot, Harper's Brewpub.

Harper's closed Monday after 2 people tested positive.

By today, that had jumped to 25.

Pictures on social media show a massive crowd at the entrance after it re-opened on June 12.

Health officials are now urging anyone who was there between June 12th and 20th to self-quarantine 14 days.

Asking others to please follow the guidelines to help limit the spread of the virus.

"The rules are not just silliness. It's not just something we're making up. The social distancing works. The mask-wearing works. When you don't do that, you have outbreaks and that's what's happened," says Ingham County, Michigan, health officer Linda Vail.

Vail said the department is working to make changes to avoid another outbreak like this.

"We're literally getting our environmental health folks tooled up, familiar with the executive orders, what is and isn't required in restaurants relative to those and getting them out there in the field to do kind of mini consultations, educational sessions," she said.

With the outbreak linked to Mexico, one-fifth of the students didn't have symptoms.

We know young adults are less likely to get seriously sick but they can easily pass the infection to a relative who could wind up in the hospital.

The message here is the same: if you are going out to places that are now open, it's still vital to take precautions.

And if you go somewhere and it's super crowded, it's better to turn around and go home.
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