COVID-19 vaccine could be ready soon, but will you take it? Here's what experts are saying

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Gen. Gustave Perna, who is leading Operation Warp Speed's effort to distribute coronavirus vaccines nationwide, told ABC News he is confident that vaccines will be "on the street" and headed to communities just 24 hours after being authorized by the Food and Drug Administration.

Health experts say it'll take vaccines to get back to old life -- but will you take them?

"I would only trust Dr. Fauci," said Virginia Kentz of Willow Grove.

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Americans need to be prepared for the possibility that they may feel a little unwell after they get a coronavirus vaccine, if one is authorized, members of a CDC advisory committee said.

Kent Hatfield of West Philadelphia said she would take it if she knew it was safe.

Shaka Kirkland of Center City said, "I don't trust the government."

Dr. Jen Caudle, of Rowan University, says she's not surprised there's some hesitation, especially for the African American community.

"It's something I've experienced as a physician with my own patients. There was a study that was recently done that showed that only 14% of African Americans trust that this new COVID vaccine will be safe," said Caudle.

But she says the minority community has a reason for that mindset.

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The CDC advises Americans against Thanksgiving travel amid the coronavirus pandemic.

"African Americans have a long history of being exploited, misused, abused, experimented on throughout the years in the name of science and whatever you might say."

Dr. Caudle says she'll be taking the vaccine when approved.

"I've heard things like the vaccine will make you sterile or it will actually give you COVID. Those are not true," said Caudle.

Dr. Ala Stanford, who is a pediatric surgeon and helps with the Black Doctors Covid Consortium in Philadelphia says, "Every African American isn't saying 'I don't want it' and I think we have to dispel that narrative."

She says they've surveyed 600 people locally if they trust the COVID vaccine. They found that the majority of the African American community needs to see proof it's safe and they'll have that opportunity with frontline workers set to get it first.
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