Partiers in Philadelphia are defying stay-at-home order amid COVID-19 outbreak

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Officials in Philadelphia are still cracking down on those not obeying the stay-at-home order in effect amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Sarah Maiellano says a group of people rented a home in her neighborhood and partied all night, disregarding the city's order.

Ring video shows people entering the home. At 1:50 a.m. Tuesday, video shows two women leave. Just after 2 a.m., video shows another person show up. And, close to 5 a.m., a group of people can be seen leaving the home shouting down Rodman Street.

"I'm worried about our whole street. We have a big mix of people that live in the street. We have retired people, we also have five babies under the age of two and families everywhere," said Maiellano.

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Maiellano says throughout the night she watched people come onto her steps, touching her metal railing and lean on her home.

According to health officials, COVID-19 can last days on some metal surfaces.

"We had a couple from the group on our steps, smoking or looking at our door, I don't know why. We were worried about those germs," Maiellano said.

On Tuesday morning, Maiellano says she and her husband came out to disinfect. When they did, some of the partiers were leaving.

"They seemed pretty insulted and asked us if we thought they had coronavirus. We said, 'We don't know who has it,'" recalled Maiellano.

Managing Director Brian Abernathy discussed the issue during Tuesday's press conference.

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City officials also say to combat the issue of people gathering, they've made the 311 center hotline available every day from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The city's stay-at-home order remains in effect until further notice.
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