Coronavirus isolation taking toll on those living alone

LANSDALE, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Ironically, one of the things that binds us during this new normal of social distancing is the scarcity of in-person human interaction. If we're at home with our families, well, we have that. But for single people living alone, this can be a very lonely time.

Emily Agosti's family doesn't live close to her Lansdale apartment. And she doesn't really have anyone around during a stay-at-home order as the coronavirus sweeps the nation.

You could say she's going a little stir crazy.

"I'm still working and I'm grateful for that. But I go from sitting on this side of my living room to the other side on my couch at night," said Agosti.

The constant isolation is tough for those who can't go to work and live alone.

Many young single people find themselves in this situation.

"People are struggling, there's almost a very depressive element to it," said psychologist, Dr. Sharon Kelly of West Cheater via FaceTime.

She says for anyone stuck alone "reach out to people let people know that you need them even it means learning new technology, FaceTime or Skype."

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April 1st is right around the corner and with so many people out of jobs, renters and homeowners are worried about making payments.

And if you know someone alone, you be the one to initiate contact.

"Imagine how it feels to be on the giving side? If you go the person, even at a distance," said Kelly.

To pass the time, Agosti is keeping it simple.

"Tonight it was making homemade meatballs. We'll see how they turn out," Agosti laughs.

But there's another group of people truly at need.

Erin Romanelli was so happy we stopped by, evening if it was just minutes.

"You tweeted me back. You called back. That really lifted my spirits," said Erin.

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Here's how you can prepare for a coronavirus outbreak, via AccuWeather.

She explained her struggles with cerebral palsy and is now stuck in her apartment in Drexel Hill.

"I've never been stuck inside for this long. I was inside since March 8 and I finally came out yesterday," said Romanelli.

During a time like this, when the streets are empty and mostly everyone is home, she says don't forget about those in need.

"Call them, FaceTime them, make sure they're ok. If you're not comfortable going into the residence, go to the window," she says.
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