Child abuse concerns rise amid COVID-19 outbreak

While Governor Wolf said child and adult protective services are open to taking calls and abuse reports made online, many routine visits are being done virtually and many children and families are extremely vulnerable.

"But once the children are back to some sense of normalcy, we know that these cases spike really high," said an expert.

Experts say the following factors may lead to abuse:

  • Stress

  • Anxiety

  • Economic uncertainty

  • Mental health

  • Addiction

Other tips and advice:

During these uncertain times, it is important to reach out for help if you are feeling overwhelmed, depressed or angry. You can contact your doctor or a health professional.

Rely on technology to keep you connected to your support system. A phone call, a zoom call or a drive-by can help you if you're missing that human connection.

Don't expect too much of yourself and take it one day at a time and do what you can.

Check on neighbors or friends you haven't heard from in a while. Send a text make a phone call or even drop a letter in their mailbox.

Anyone who suspects abuse should call 1-800-932-0313 or go to
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