Crashes along I-95 in Wilmington increase due to start of construction project

WILMINGTON, Delaware (WPVI) -- Crashes on a portion of Interstate 95 in Delaware have dramatically increased since the start of a construction project.

"Really, it's just getting people to drive safer through this corridor," C.R. McLeod with the Delaware Department of Transportation.

The project is called Restore the Corridor Wilmington, and it is expected to last about two years.

The project includes repairs to bridges, pavement work and ramp upgrades. However, since the project started in February, crews have noticed an increase in accidents. They say there have been over 40 incidents in just a month of work.

"So far, since February 19, more than half (of the crashes) have been attributed to following too closely and inattentive driving," said McLeod.

The problem area is in the northbound lanes, approaching the city of Wilmington, where the right lane exits to Martin Luther King Boulevard.

"This is not a corridor where we have not seen a lot of crashes previously and we are obviously wanting to see fewer crashes but again that is to be expected when we see a radical change in the traffic pattern," said McLeod.

DelDOT says it will continue to monitor the situation and make the experience as safe as possible. Workers say speed and people simply not paying attention are the main factors for the increase in crashes.

"We have adjusted signage, we are adding some additional striping on the road surface, also designating the exit lane for folks as they are traveling through the corridor we go from two lanes to one lane," said McLeod.

A good way to avoid a delay is to drive I-495 if Wilmington is not your destination.
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