Organ donors, recipients gather for Crozer Chester anniversary

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Monday, August 17, 2015
VIDEO: 5th anniversary of kidney transplant center
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Crozer Chester Medical Center celebrated five years of the kidney transplant program.

UPLAND, Pa. (WPVI) -- Organ donors, recipients, and their families gathered in Delaware County to help raise awareness about the importance of organ donation.

Two years ago, Rose Quatrini of Boothwyn, Pa. says after five years on dialysis for kidney failure, doctors at the Kidney Transplant Center at Crozer Chester Medical Center saved her life with the help of an organ donor.

"They got me a kidney. Unfortunately, the person was deceased. but I thank her and her family tremendously for saving me for my family, for my little one and my older two," Quatrini said.

She's one of many success stories since the program started five years ago.

"This is what I'm in transplant for, to bring people together," director Dr. Cosem manzarbeitia said.

20 successful kidney transplants have taken place since the program started. But 120 people are still on the waiting list for a kidney.

Doctors stress the importance of becoming an organ donor or even consider becoming a living kidney donor.

"People who just have a desire to be a living donor, we call that an altruistic donor and they can contact any transplant program and be worked up as a living donor to donate to a recipient," Joan Gramlich of the Kidney Transplant Program said.

Kenneth Garrett of Chester has been waiting for a new kidney for about two years. But he says he's hopeful and grateful for the support he's received through the transplant program.

"If I live wondering 'when is this, or when will that' that's living in a prison without bars and I'm the only prisoner and I'm making it a prison. But I trust God for whatever happens," Garrett said.