Daily digital learning is underway for Philadelphia public school students

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Daily digital learning is underway for Philadelphia public school students.

According to district officials, May 4 is when the district plans to take attendance and will begin grading assignments.

At that time, teachers will provide 3 hours a day of planned instruction via the Google Classroom.

The school district says by now every student should have a laptop or tablet.

Philadelphia School District Superintendent Dr. William Hite said so far, the district is headed in the right direction and is working to make sure all students have the resources they need to continue learning at home.

On Thursday, school officials changed the way they are distributing daily meals for the children who need them.

To further support shelter in place guidelines, and minimize social interactions, the district will now be providing free grab-and-go meals one day a week, every Thursday between 9 a.m. and noon.

Families will be issued a box containing five breakfast meals and five lunch meals along with a half-gallon of milk.

Action News stopped by Bartram High School as families were picking up their meals. Many parents were thankful for the food and said it's a struggle for their kids adjusting to virtual learning.

"It's going alright, the best that can be expected," said Kitzrell Dixon of Southwest Philadelphia.

So far, the district has handed out 75,000 loaner Chromebooks. Hite says the next goal is to make sure every student has free Wi-Fi access.

"We actually as a district, are working to provide mobile hotspots to students of families that are most in need," said Hite. "We have some students with families in homeless shelters, others for whatever reason, they can't access the traditional things that are available."

Hite says the school district is working to get as many mobile hot spots as possible and provide those on a loaner basis.

The school district has laid out all the resources and important information for parents for and students on its website.
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