Top 6 Animal Shelters: Delaware Humane Association

WILMINGTON, Delaware (WPVI) -- The Delaware Humane Association sits on a gated four and a half acres of land in Wilmington, Delaware.

There are 10 outdoor play yards with a walking trail around the perimeter, outdoor houses scattered on the property for feral cats and a clinic attached, where they hold vaccination clinics and perform spay and neuter operations.

The center holds about 100 cats and 50 dogs at full capacity. I could not believe how clean it was. It smelled great, the spaces for animals were cozy and the grounds were maintained and manicured.

They typically adopt out around 2,000 animals each year; they tell me that recently adoptions have been slow, so I figured we would help them with that.

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Mama is a cat who has been here a little over a year, and she's only a year and seven months old herself. I first noticed her when she grabbed the back of my shirt through her cage and would not let go! She came in with a litter of kittens, but they have all been adopted, leaving her and her sassy personality.

Kai and Violet are a three-year-old brother and sister pair, who were surrendered together and need to go back out together. They are solid in size and weight, and love some affection, but I'm not so sure how they'd do as guard dogs. Violet's bark almost sounds like a quack, and it had us all laughing!

Out in the play yards I hung out with Binder and Posey, two one-year-old hound/retrievers, and best friends. They came all the way from the South! They love to play and romp, and since they also need to be adopted together; all of that energy would be best in a home with a yard.

Missy is a shy 11-year-old shepherd mix with a sad story. She spent all of her 11 years tied up outside in Louisiana. So now she loves to walk and is surprisingly social despite growing up with limited human affection. All she needs to make her happy is a warm bed and some treats.

To make any of these pets a part of your family or begin the adoption process with another animal, head to
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