Pennsylvania dentists allowed more procedures, but confusion remains

NORTHEAST PHILADELPHIA -- Pennsylvania has opened the door slightly for dentists.

This phase impacts when we can see our dentist, and what types of procedures are allowed.

However, there are still a lot of questions, some even from dentists, about the new guidance.

The statement from the Pennsylvania health department says:

"Providers may perform non-aerosolizing, non-urgent to non-emergent care only if proper PPE per OSHA guidance is available..." for the entire dental team.


So what does this include?

Many say it should not include routine cleanings, but can include other dental issues such as a painful cavity, a cracked filling and of course, any any dental emergency is still okay.

Dentists like Dr. Michael Koumaras say this may force them to use low-tech, back to the basics dental techniques, to avoid using a drill.

"We may just be using toothbrushes for a while, and hand scaling, because it creates less aerosol," Dr. Koumaras says.

He adds, "This is going to change dentistry and medicine. This is not going away."

For any procedure, all staff will be wearing these personal protective equipment to protect themselves and protect the patients.

If you have a concern about a problem you're having, it's best to call your dentist and see this is something that should be addressed now..

And ask if they have the proper equipment.


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