Disturbing surveillance video shows California girl being followed by stranger

VACAVILLE, Calif. -- Police in the Northern California city of Vacaville released surveillance video of a young girl trying to hide from a suspicious man who approaches her while she is walking home. Police have a description of the man but have yet to find him.

It happened around 9 a.m. on April 3. Police waited to gather more information before putting the video on their Facebook page.

Residents in the neighborhood were surprised to watch the video of the young girl being followed in broad daylight by a green or gray Pontiac.

"She knows that it's not right, she knows, she is aware that this person is following her," explained Captain Matt Lydon with the Vacaville Police Department.

Police said the man had been following her for several blocks. She hid behind a blue truck and waited, but then the man turned around and tried to approach her one more time.

"And he engaged something about school, a question to her. She didn't engage back and she acted very appropriately and it kept her safe in the incident. We don't have a crime at this point, but we're curious to know what his intentions were in trying to engage the juvenile," added Captain Lydon.

Resident Daniel Gordon said the girl did the right thing by running home.

"You have to be careful out there," said Gordon.

Liza Mendoza said she is constantly reminding her children to stay safe.

"The world we live in, you can't trust anybody, so my kids know they are not allowed to walk alone really anywhere," said Mendoza.