'Doctor and nurse' photo of kids called sexist

It was a photo that was intended to be cute, but wound up being controversial.

It all started when a popular Twitter account, known for posting health-related pictures and videos, strayed from the norm.

The photo Medical Shots tweeted earlier this week shows a little girl and a little boy, walking hand-in-hand down a hospital hallway.

The issue? The little girl's pink scrubs say "nurse in training", while the little boy's say "doctor in training".

The caption for the photo was "this is cute, isn't it?"

The answer from Twitter? NO -- with thousands calling the photo sexist, tone-deaf, and offensive.

One person even photoshopped the tweet, changing nurse and doctor to "health professional in training".

While another took that one step further, by making the whole photo a gender-neutral black and white.

Medical Shots has not yet responded to the controversy.
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