From 'cone of shame' to 'cone of fame': Dog's costumes go viral

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Wednesday, April 10, 2019
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Forget 'cone of shame'... a Canadian dog is a viral hit after his owner got creative and made him some 'cones of fame'!

TORONTO -- A dog from Canada is a viral hit after his owner got creative turning its 'cone of shame' into a 'cone of fame.'

Kaitlyn Cotter shared pictures of "Gus" with the Dogspotting Society on March 31. He was neutered on March 26 and had to wear a cone around his head.

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In the pictures, "Gus" is looks like a shark, scuba diver, a carton of McDonald's fries, a basketball hoop, a martini glass with olives, the iconic lamp from Pixar, and an astronaut.

The images has racked up nearly 12,000 likes so far!

Here are a few of his costumes:

McDonald's Fries

Pixar Lamp