Dog owner can't believe pet helps out with the laundry

DALLAS, Texas (WPVI) -- Texas dog Jonsi proved he was the ultimate "good boy" when, much to the shock of his owner Trey Foote, he sprang into action to pick up a dropped sock.

Trey's wife Gabbie Gaspard posted footage of the pooch's heroic housekeeping, and soon she had a viral sensation on her hands, the video clocking up more than eight million views on Twitter alone.

The video shows Trey carrying a pile of laundry upstairs at the couple's home in suburban Dallas. A falling sock is seen catching Jonsi's eye, prompting Trey to ask for his pet's help.

Jonsi duly obliged, leaving a pooch pal behind on the comfy couch and grabbing the stray sock.

Foote can be heard exclaiming "Oh my God, he did it!" as Jonsi arrives upstairs with the sock.
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