Hometown Hero: Home helper provides friendship through pandemic and beyond

DOYLESTOWN, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Our Hometown Hero this week is a woman from Bucks County who has devoted herself to a family, and especially during the pandemic, her friendship has meant everything.

The giggles start from the moment he hears the garage open. Before 27-year-old Christopher Strasburg even sees who's on the other side, he knows it's his best friend Sue Burkhard.

Burkhard works for Help At Home, a program that helps people with disabilities, like Christopher, learn how to live independently.

"A few times a week, Sue comes over to play," Christopher said through a speaking app.

"Because he is non-verbal, Sue is his voice and I can't thank her enough for that. She treats Christopher and all of her friends with such dignity, respect and love," said his mom, Pam.

That's the keyword for Burkhard: friendship.

"They're my best friends. They're the best friends anyone could ask for. They're a lot of fun," said Burkhard.

When the pandemic hit, Burkhard was a constant for Christopher. She would take him on adventures outside to places like Doylestown Central Park. His parents say she was a lifeline for him.

"Just trying to find things to do where they weren't around other people, to try and keep them safe and their families safe," said Burkhard.

"I just can't imagine our life without her in it," said Pam.

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