Dunkin' releases Extra Charged Coffee with 20% more caffeine

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Wednesday, December 30, 2020
Dunkin' releasing new coffee with 20-percent more cafffeine
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Dunkin' is releasing Extra Charged Coffee - served hot or iced.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Dunkin' is brewing up a new blend with 20% more caffeine than its classic cup of joe.

The new Extra Charged Coffee was released Wednesday.


It's served hot or iced and features green coffee extract, which gives it the extra caffeination.

The coffee chain said the new drink gives people an extra boost to tackle 2021 and get things done in the New Year.

"For an extra incentive to try the brand's buzziest new beverage, Dunkin' will be offering Medium Extra Charged Coffee for $2 through January 26," Dunkin' said.

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The coffee chain is also releasing new hot coffees: Dunkin' Midnight and Explorer Batch.

Explorer Batch is a medium roast featuring dark berry notes with a smoky finish.


"To craft its unique Explorer Batch, Dunkin' sourced beans from four highly regarded coffee regions, including Colombia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, and Sumatra," Dunkin' said.

Dunkin' Midnight is the company's darkest roast ever.

Dunkin' says it features "a rich, smooth, full-bodied flavor, rounded out with notes of decadent cocoa and an intensely dark finish."