Philadelphia Eagles face a big decision with struggling Carson Wentz

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Monday, September 28, 2020
Eagles-Bengals game ends in overtime tie
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Eagles fans react after week 3 ends in an overtime tie against the Bengals.

The Philadelphia Eagles go to 0-2-1 on Sunday after a 23-23 tie against the Bengals in overtime, and the postgame discussion again centered around Carson Wentz's poor throws and turnovers.

Wentz threw 2 more INTs and had a fumble which was fortunately recovered by the Birds.

Wentz's struggles are not the team's only issue, but it is a major concern with the season seemingly slipping away.

So, what should the Birds do with their franchise QB?

The Bears became the first NFL team to bench its starting QB, bringing Nick Foles in to replace an ineffective Mitch Trubisky. That's one option on the table for Doug Pederson, but is rookie Jalen Hurts ready to take over?

Another option would be to further adjust the playbook to make Wentz more comfortable in the interim until his weapons return to full strength.

The team could also seek outside help via a trade, but it would be costly and it might signal to fans they are giving up on the season.

The hope is that Wentz can figure things out quickly, but the Eagles need to decide before all is lost.