Philadelphia company makes eco-friendly building, design products

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- For local Herman Miller furniture dealer Peggy Kelly, design is always top of mind, but so is our planet.

"We decommission, we do buyback programs. We think about ways that are thoughtful to our customers to be able to make sure that we're being good to the environment," said Kelly.

That also means making products that are recyclable and iconic in nature so they can be used from generation to generation.

And in the last couple months, Kelly has also opened Falkbuilt Philadelphia.

"Less waste, less usage of materials and that's because it's digital components," she said. "There's so much waste that goes into landfills from building and construction."

Falkbuilt has created a product that it hopes will replace drywall and help save our planet by eliminating as much waste as possible and using more sustainable materials.

In the Lehigh Valley, Lehigh Cement is making a more environmentally friendly concrete with ground limestone.

"Roughly about a 10% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, in particular CO2," explained Dan Schaffer, Lehigh Cement Sales Manager.

That may not sound that impressive but, on a large scale, it is.

Lehigh Cement said if we were to replace traditional cement with ground limestone cement.

"That would be in comparison to taking off over 100,000 cars off the road annually in the United States. It's a significant impact," said Schaffer.

Philadelphia based Castor Materials is planning to supply this concrete as soon as this spring.

"With our three plants, we produce an average of 200,000 cubic yards per year. It'll be used on 95, it'll be used in some of the high rise buildings you see being built throughout Philadelphia," said Bill Hagstotz of Caster Materials Concrete. "By using this product, we're building a better city, but also building a better city for the future of the city."
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