4th-graders at North Philly school petition for new playground

NORTH PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- The 4th-graders at the Tanner G. Duckrey School in North Philadelphia decided it was time for a new playground, and they didn't just do something about it - they went straight to the top.

"We are meeting with you to get your help on making a playground to make Duckrey a healthy place to learn," a student said.

The students put on a whole presentation as they petitioned for the new playground in front of their special invited guest, City Council President Darrell Clarke.

The kids are all part of the Young Heroes Outreach Program.

They believe a new playground will reduce bullying and make their school a healthier place to learn.

They made signs, they did a PowerPoint presentation and even interviewed the school nurse as part of their petition.

It seems they made quite the impression.

"I think we can do something really special here, something you have never seen anywhere else in the city," said Clarke. "So we're going to work with you and we're get this done."

Duckrey is rated 100 percent economically disadvantaged and they are in the running for a grant.

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