6abc Creative Services/ Promotion Department - internship application form

6abc's Creative Services - Promotion Department serves as an in-house advertising for WPVI-TV/DT. Interns will have the opportunity to observe and participate within a fast-paced and creative operation that includes producing news, programming and special events promos, as well as executing the graphic look for the station and maintaining the station's growing web site and social media platforms. The Creative Services - Promotion Department also creates station advertising in other media, including print, radio, outdoor, and interactive. Successful intern candidates will be involved in all facets of the creative execution - research, concept and creation (pre & post-production)

Ideal candidates should be proficient at capturing, encoding, and converting video/image files using a number of different industry standard programs.

The Creative Services - Promotion Department interns must work a minimum of 3 days per week or 22.5 hours in 7.5 workday blocks. They can work up to a maximum of 5 days or 37.5 hours a week. Interns are not paid, and must receive academic credit from their college or university for their internships. Internships are available for the Spring, Summer and Fall Semesters.

Please fill out this form and a resume and cover letter, confirming that you are a junior or a senior.

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