Back to school at Valley Forge Elementary School in Wayne

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With backpacks packed, school buses running and teachers ready and waiting, kids went back to school at Valley Forge Elementary in Wayne. (WPVI)

With backpacks packed, school buses back on the streets and teachers ready to welcome a new class of students, kids went back to school Monday morning at Valley Forge Elementary in Wayne.

Action News was there, with the school song in the air and the flag raised and flying high.

There were plenty of smiles as the year got underway.

Teachers have been here for the last week preparing.

Monday it was the students' turn to get acclimated and dive in, finding out their schedules, their study plans, and their teachers.

"We learn, like, what we're going to do," said fourth grader Daniella Chavero-Diaz.

"I get ready for the other days of school and learn what I'm supposed to do," said fourth grader Chase Genoni.

"I'm excited to see what field trips we're going to go on," said second grader Julia Iwachiw.

As the start of school edged closer, families began to prepare - and that, of course, included stocking up on school supplies.

"My mom helped me practice to pack in my stuff in school," said fourth grader Savon Richardson. "I got everything I need for school."

Plenty of parents came along Monday, cameras in hand to document the day. It's the start of a new chapter. It's a busy time, but a fun one, too.

"My third now is in fourth grade here," said Susan Look. "And I hope she has the greatest year. Because she's in fourth grade, she should enjoy every minute. That's what I said, 'Enjoy every minute!'"

After all, each year brings new chances and experiences.

"Each year you get that opportunity to start over again," said Principal Beck Wills, "set new goals, try and reach those goals, meet new friends."

Kindergarteners get to enjoy a little more of summer vacation.

School here starts for them Labor Day.
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