Community College of Philadelphia comes to rescue of ITT Tech students

SPRING GARDEN (WPVI) -- The Community College of Philadelphia is jumping into action in the wake of the sudden closure of ITT Technical Institute campuses nationwide.

For former ITT students, the news of the school's abrupt closing still stings.

"It was horrible. I couldn't believe it. I punched the wall when I found out," Greg Murray of Southwest Philadelphia said.

"When I found out I was shocked. I applied for the school and it's going to close on me," Antour Hansford of South Philadelphia said.

But on Tuesday, they got help from the Community College of Philadelphia during a "fast track" enrollment day for any student from ITT.

"To do so we brought together a team of experts from our various areas, whether it be financial aid, counseling, advising, to really do an individualized plan with each student," Dr. Sam Hirsch, PCC Vice President of Academic and Student Success, said.

The tech school closed shop this month leaving 35,000 enrollees nationwide without a plan; 4,000 students are from Pennsylvania.

The federal government decided to stop federal aid to ITT after an investigation found the school was financially irresponsible and falsely advertised a 100% job placement rate.

The community college is expecting at least 75 from ITT. They would enroll in their ten week fall course beginning October 4th.

PCC administrators have answers for the hard questions including if any recent ITT enrollees are eligible for debt forgiveness.

"Because things are complicated, for example: how much financial aid have they used up; academically, what program of study were they in; what courses have they completed; will they be transferring those courses in?" Hirsch said.

With questions answered and a place to go, many are hoping to move ahead.

"Hoping to graduate and do my best," Hansford said.

"Personally I'm going to attend PCC and then transfer over to Temple University," Murray said.
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