Elementary school students WISE up to fun side of science

The Women in Science and Engineering Club from Great Valley High School aka WISE brought their smarts and experiments to Sugartown Elementary in Malvern on Monday.

From magnetics to polymers, the demonstrations for the fourth-grade classes varied, but the idea was the same - make science fun and kids pay attention.

"It's just kind of showing kids how cool science is because sometimes I think that gets lost along the way," said junior Samantha Taylor.

"We always need more scientists and engineers so getting them interested in science at a young age is a good way to ensure that they follow this in the future," said junior Sanjana Narayanan.

Some budding scientists and engineers were in the midst who were eager for more opportunities to further explore - some already with career goals in mind.

"I would like to learn about space to help Nasa, like the people who design the spaceships," said fourth-grader Leila Sadoulet.

But there was educational value in the event for the older students as well, as they reinforced their knowledge of the subject matter and answered questions for the younger students.

"It makes it very motivating, I believe, for the high school students as well," said Dr Regina Speaker Palubinsky, district superintendent. "Things they might not have thought are very interesting, seeing the expressions and the excitement on the younger student's faces gives them newfound sense of excitement as well."

The high schoolers hope the kids have fun, but they're also hoping their interests rub off on some of these students, and perhaps sparks a lifetime love of sciences.

"Even if you're just impacting one person, to think that like oh maybe this kid learned something new and decides they love science now," said Taylor.
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