#LETTIMWALK: Maine town comes to defense of teen denied graduation walk

BRIDGTON, Maine -- A home-schooled student in Maine recently learned he would not be participating in his high school's graduation ceremony, according to CBS13 in Portland via CNN.

Tim Moore is featured in the Lake Region High School Yearbook and participates in three sports and band at the school, but won't be with his classmates on graduation day.

He was even fitted for a cap and gown. But learned soon after he was being denied the opportunity to walk.

"I wanted to at least be able to walk, march with my friends that I've known since first grade, kindergarten and be able to get a handshake and say congratulations," Moore said. "Well I'm just kind of shocked more than anything."

The school says it's just abiding by a district policy which states, "Only those students who will be receiving a Lake Region High School Diploma or certificate of Achievement may participate in the school's graduation ceremony."

The community is now rallying in his support, sharing the hashtag #LetTimWalk on social media and emblazoned on local businesses. Supporters also asked the school board to change the policy but were turned down.

The graduation is scheduled for June 16, and Moore says he will be in attendance whether he walks or not.