New Jersey moms create website helping parents find virtual activities for kids

MONMOUTH COUNTY, New Jersey (WPVI) -- Created by two New Jersey moms, Hulafrog@HOME is a great resource for parents looking for things for their kids to do while at home. It is also an interesting work-from-home business model.

"A few weeks ago, we launched what we call Hulafrog@HOME," said Sherry Lombardi, Hulafrog@HOME founder. "It's a national collection of great places to go online and virtual tours you can take, upcoming events that are happening whether it's taking an art class with the Guggenheim or listening to Michelle Obama do a storytime. There are so many amazing things for kids from little toddlers on through teens."

Hulafrog started as a nationwide network of local websites for parents to find classes and events for kids to attend. It still does that only the events and classes are virtual and you can view them in a calendar.

You'll find all kinds of activities and live events from aquariums releasing turtles to pigs at the Cape May Zoo to virtual circle times. Watch animals at zoos across the country, learn how to knit, and take a tour of museums across the country.

Lombardi says Hulafrog is run by parents all across the country from their own homes.
"We created sort of a business in a box where parents can use our training, our tools, our templates to create their own local Hulafrog website in their area and then have their own little business from home," said Lombardi. "It is profitable."

Hulafrog is looking to add new managing editors and aim to help local businesses get the word out about what they are doing for kids stuck in quarantine.

"There are so many just creative, interesting things that are happening and I have to say we're really proud of what the local businesses are doing too because they've really stepped up," said Lombardi. "They've learned, just like we have, how to use zoom so they can teach dance classes and give music lessons. We always encourage everyone to first look locally and support your local businesses that are doing stuff like this because many of them are stepping up and we think it's so important to support them."

Lombardi says you can subscribe to newsletters and hot lists of what museums and zoos are doing.
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