Students at Philadelphia Charter School get to play alongside professional musicians

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Seventh and eighth graders at Philadelphia Charter School for Arts and Sciences got the chance to play alongside professional musicians.

"It was all about teaching us music and rhythm and how to make your own music," says student Aljavar McFarland.

"Every time I play music, it's like running through my heart. It makes me feel happy sometimes," says Danelo Pliasiane.

It was part of an interactive music lesson by the Philly-based band TJP, formerly known as the Jost Project.

"They were all clapping and, you know, doing some body percussion and stuff. They were great, they were really great," Paul Jost says.

"We particularly love some of the music charter schools because it's full of really talented musicians and we love to engage with them," musician Tony Miceli says.

The theme of the session was peace and love, which is also the titles of TJP's latest album.

"We wanted them to have the experience of playing along with us and feeling part of the music," Jost says.

And the goal was to enlighten the students through the arts, while providing them with a sense of confidence.

"I learned that just stay strong, play what you want and what you feel about your music," McFarland says. "If you're a quiet person, it could be scary, but you have to have that confidence and courage."

"When you want to do something, never give up. Do what you want to do and be confident," Pliasiane says.

The band travels to schools throughout the region, educating students about the art of music.

"When I'm in schools and I see the expressions on the kids faces, it's really moving to me because you know you're getting through to them and you're getting through in a positive way," Miceli says.

"A teacher wants to connect with her students. A musician wants to connect with the audience. We just want to connect, want to vibrate those threads that we share," Jost says.
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