Students take college course on dating and relationships

South Korea (WPVI) -- Students Kim Min-ye and Kim Joon-hyup are taking a college course on dating and relationships.

They have been instructed by their professor at Sejong University, Bae Jeong-weon, to go on a "cheap" date and write about it.

According to CNN, these college classes are popular and competitive in South Korea. It's a lesson on dating, love and sex -- from picking the right partner to coping with breakups to planning affordable dates.

"Young people in South Korea are suffering economically, so many feel they don't have enough money to get married," Jeong-weon says.

"I had to think of something different," Joon-hyup said. "I wanted to bring her to where I work. This way we save money. I learned that I don't need to spend much money to have a good time."

In 2018, South Korea had the lowest number of marriages in 46 years according to Statistics Korea. Experts believe part of the reason is the lack of full-time employment - a recent survey found only 1 in 10 college students who graduated found full-time jobs.

"Because it's hard to get a job, there is no money to spare," Joon-hyup said. "I can't afford to meet anyone. Going on a date like this makes me want to date."
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