Stylishly decorated college dorm room goes viral

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Lindy Goodson and Abby Bozeman, incoming first-years at Old Miss, put in a A+ effort to make their dorm room pretty and welcoming. (Courtesy of Lindy Goodson and Abby Bozeman)

If their dorm room is any indication, these college students might just have a future in interior design.

Lindy Goodson and Abby Bozeman are incoming first-years at the University of Mississippi. They coordinated across hundreds of miles to pull off the chic set-up.

"Abby's mom sent me fabric samples of the pillow fabric and the bed skirts so I used them in every purchase I made to make sure everything would match once we moved in," Goodson told ABC News.

The room includes matching monogrammed pillows, quilted headboards and even a refurbished antique dresser. The families found the materials from a variety of places, from home good and craft stores to their own houses.

It took the girls and their families 7 hours to set everything up, which was less time than expected. When they posted a photo of the finished product on Instagram, it got nearly 2,000 likes combined in just two days.

The pair hopes the inviting space will help ease the stress of college.

"We knew school and living in a dorm was going to get stressful so we chose the blues and neutral to keep our room calm-feeling and we love it!" Goodson said.
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