Local teacher creates 'Wishing Pixies' kids app to help parents

WILLIAMSTOWN, N.J. (WPVI) -- Once upon a time at Geets Diner in Williamstown, New Jersey charming children and an enchanting teacher extolled pixies over pancakes.

Morgan O'Reilly was dressed in fairy wings exclaiming, "They're always really happy, and I really like that."

All pixies are special of course, but these particular pixies come from the magical world of Draioght by way of the Apple Store or Google Play.

They're called 'Wishing Pixies.'

Their fairy godmother and creator Williamstown Middle School teacher Doris Letts says they are an easy to use parenting tool.

Letts explains, "Wishing Pixies promote good behavior, positive thinking, emotional strength, goal focus."

Letts says the app is free, but there is a fee to adopt a fairy.

The tale centers around two pixies who leave their native world to search for a loving family to adopt them on earth.

Once home, the pixies can help in a number of ways. They can encourage meditation and daily affirmations, and even compel children to tackle chores, which can be personalized in the app by parents.

Parent Amy O'Reilly points out, "It helps with assigning chores, but it makes it in a fun way."

When children successfully complete their tasks, virtual pixie dust is allotted toward a wish-list of rewards. It's a boost of encouragement to finish the chores they like least, and they have a list of them.

For Evan Carter, "I dislike taking out the trash."

Brent Barber says, "Taking out the trash because the trash is disgusting."
As for Ty Barber, "Probably doing the laundry because the laundry machine and the dryer are way too confusing."

Children admit pixies can sometimes be more persuasive than their parents.

Leah Renshaw tells Action News, "If my pixie told me to do it, I would listen to them more than I'd listen to my parents."

Letts explains, "By the time they exit- they age out of this product- these qualities are ingrained in the child as second nature."

Talk about happily ever after.

For more about Wishing Pixies visit https://www.wishingpixies.com/
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