Diva Jazz Orchestra closes out Kimmel Center's 2019 Jazz season

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- The Kimmel Center is closing out its 2019 Jazz Season with a powerhouse all-female big band.

The group is called the Diva Jazz Orchestra

"Such an important part of jazz heritage is the female jazz vocalist, but the divas are also on the bandstand. They're also playing the drums," said Frances Egler Sr. Dir., Programming and Presentations, Kimmel Center.

In the Diva Jazz Orchestra, it's a 15-piece ensemble of all female instrumentalists.

"They're a great representation of the diverse talents that are in jazz," said Egler. "Sometimes we just get to see sort of the all-male big band."

The band is currently on its 25th-anniversary tour and this marks its first ever performance on the Kimmel Center's jazz lineup.

"The show's a collection of basically big band classics. Some of the classics from the 30s and 40s, up until today," said Egler. "Mixing up a lot of the classics of the height of the big band, but also bringing it into contemporary jazz today."

The Divas' mission is twofold: cultivating young female talent and giving that talent a platform to shine.
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