'74 seconds..To Judgment:' Arden Theatre stages play inspired by Philando Castile's death

74 seconds...To judgment was originally produced for the physical stage, but during the pandemic, the Arden Theatre produced a radio adaption.

"Hearing it is a completely different experience," says director Amina Robinson. "We don't have the costumes to help tell the story. Literally, it's just what we're doing with our voices."

The story was inspired by Philando Castile, the Black motorist fatally shot by police during a 2016 traffic stop in Minnesota.

"And the entire ordeal from the moment that officer has pulled him over until he was murdered, with his girlfriend and baby in the same vehicle, that whole duration of time took 74 seconds," says playwright and actor Kash Goins, explaining the show's title.

"The play is a study of human beings and a study of all of the implicit and explicit bias that we have here in being Americans," Robinson says.

The play follows a jury of six, deadlocked for over a week, and, Goins says, a question leads the narrative, "What is it -beyond just the Black and white interpretation of what occurred-maybe being discussed in a jury room?"

George Floyd's murder and the nationwide protests calling for racial justice added another layer of complexity to the production.

"Last year showed us that this is probably a story and an opportunity to look at this and have discussions probably forever," Goins says.

He hopes the audience will reflect on their own opinions.

"I think that it's hard to be completely apathetic to the notion of what happens in situations like what the play explores," Goins says, "I hope that the work gives you an opportunity to challenge that.

74 Seconds...To Judgment: A Radio Play | Arden Theatre
Available March 15-28
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