'Cruel Intentions: The '90s Musical' now playing at the Kimmel Center

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- It's the 20 year anniversary of the film "Cruel Intentions" and to celebrate, it's been turned into a musical now playing at the Kimmel Center.

"It's a full experience. The show began in a bar, so they started it in L.A. at a place called Rockwell. So, it has that feel but expanded into full theaters," said John Battagliese, who plays Greg McConnell.

And die-hard fans now span generations.

"We have people who come - high school kids - who come to the show who are fans of the movie. Just goes to show how long-lasting that cult classic is," said Betsy Stewart, who plays Annette Hargrove.

The soundtrack is basically a best of the '90s playlist, featuring everyone from the Backstreet Boys to Britney.

"The show sometimes turns into a singalong. You have the audience full-on going with the cast. It's an incredible experience," said David Wright, who plays Blaine Tuttle. Adding, "It's pretty much word-for-word what the movie is, but then we take those songs and they add the comic relief to the seriousness of the script."

Battagliese, a Bishop Shanahan alum from from West Chester, says hundreds of friends and family members have tickets to the show.

"I'm on cloud nine. On the train in yesterdsay I was like, 'Oh, this is really cool!' I grew up performing at the Kimmel Center. I took classes there and was an intern and student, so it's very exciting to kind of come home," he said.

And how does he feel to now be performing on that very same stage?

"I think I am just excited. I love that space and that theater. It just really is magical and I have seen so many performances there that it will really be full circle moment," said Battagliese.

Cruel Intentions: The '90s Musical Experience is at the Kimmel Center now through Sunday, June 2.

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