Ballroom night comes to 'Dancing with the Stars' as first couple eliminated

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"Dancing with the Stars" celebrated graceful ballroom dancing as the first couple was eliminated in season 25.

The 13 couples transformed the stage into pure elegance as "ballroom night" came to "Dancing with the Stars."

Each couple performed timeless favorites, including a quickstep, waltz, tango, foxtrot or Viennese waltz, all hoping to earn America's vote.

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"Dancing with the Stars" celebrated graceful ballroom dancing as the first couple was eliminated in season 25.

Here's a recap of the night's dances, from highest score to lowest:

Jordan Fisher: 24 out of 30
Jordan and Lindsay Arnold retained their hold on the top of the scoreboard for the second week. (Well, they are sharing it with two other couples!) These two set a high standard for themselves and intend to keep setting that bar higher and higher each week. Head judge Len Goodman thinks Jordan's a terrific dancer, but thought their Viennese waltz was a little "sharp" for his taste; Bruno Tonioli said the couple delivered a "sparkler" and likes their attention to detail; and Carrie Ann Inaba praised his lyrical dancing abilities but wants to see more ballroom (or Latin, depending on the dance) nuances in the future.

Vanessa Lachey: 24 out of 30
This mom of three feels like she's getting her groove back through this show. Maksim Chmerkovskiy is a demanding teacher, but her dad was in the military so this is nothing new to Vanessa. She had to overcome a big "ouch" during rehearsal; a bad sliced and bloody toe. Thanks for the closeup DWTS! Bruno called her interpretation of the foxtrot a cross between Ava Gardner and Jessica Rabbit; Carrie Ann thinks she's a superstar, right down to her pinky; and Len didn't mince any words: "I liked it!"

Victoria Arlen: 24 out of 30
Week 1 was truly a life changing experience for Victoria. For a woman who spent many months in a coma, then unable to walk - to now be able to dance, with Val Chmerkovskiy no doubt, is mind blowing. She feels empowered by what she's learned so far and reminds us that when your feet do what they are supposed to be doing, it really is a big deal. Bruno thought their tango was well executed and Victoria looked like a leading lady; Len called it a "super duper dance"; and Carrie Ann loves her polished and elegant technique and told Victoria she doesn't know how she's doing this.

Frankie Muniz: 23 out of 30
Frankie did so well during week 1 that Witney Carson sees a diamond in the rough. And she's going to push him! He's all in, but there's that one problem; he's got major back problems due to a previous race car crash. Frankie is doing every kind of therapy imaginable in order to ease the pain. He does not want his issues to stop his journey. Len called their tango fast and sharp, but a little aggressive; Carrie Ann disagreed and thought the routine was clean, powerful, distinct and defined; and Bruno agreed that it was intense and precise, like a missile focused right on its target.

Sasha Pieterse: 23 out of 30
Sasha knows her nerves showed through during week 1 and she's determined to overcome that fear. Gleb Savchenko tried to teach her a "ballroom face" (which is WAY over the top), but that's one way to avoid looking like a deer in the headlights. Her ballroom dancing parents actually came to rehearsal and Sasha joked the three teachers were ganging up on her. Bruno told Sasha she looked glamorous but needs to watch her arms; Carrie Ann questioned his comments and thought her arm movements were lovely and expressive; Len liked the dance but challenged Gleb to do more of a proper ballroom dance the next time they have the chance.

Lindsay Stirling: 21 out of 30
Mark Ballas reminds us that longtime DWTS watchers have missed his creativity these past couple of seasons. He and Lindsay dance a quickstep that tells the story of a caterpillar becoming a beautiful butterfly. The choreography and costumes were spot on; but Lindsay also shared that she can relate because she's suffered from depression in the past and she's learned everyone can become that butterfly. All three judges told Mark how happy they are he's back on the show. Carrie Ann told Lindsay she has a natural elegance; Len thought the routine was creative, light, and fun; and Bruno likes that Mark pushes Lindsay to the limit.

Nikki Bella: 21 out of 30
Artem Chigvintsev is determined to show a different side to his pro wrestler with their waltz. Nikki wants to prove she's not just muscles and headlocks but there's an elegant woman inside. She's channeling her Nana (Grandma). Bruno said this dance was Nana-approved and a wonderful transformation; Carrie Ann applauded the trust the couple has already developed; and Len thought the whole routine had a beauty about it.

Debbie Gibson: 20 out of 30
The pop star is fired up to challenge herself even more after her experience dancing last week. Yes she feels pain because she has to deal with Lyme disease; but she calls it a "happy pain". Debbie says she is more motivated than ever, and she's learned she shouldn't use her health as a crutch or an excuse not to live her life. Len liked the speed of the quickstep she did with Alan Bersten, but wanted a little more control; Bruno thinks their chemistry is sizzling; and Carrie Ann likes her power.

Drew Scott: 20 out of 30
Last season's pro champ Emma Slater is determined to show the judges Drew is improving. They spend the week learning their quickstep, plus tomorrow's Latin dance, and Drew pushed himself a little too hard; he pulled his hamstring. He was questioning whether he'd be able to pull off the dance during the competition but, as some smart person once said, "the show must go on." The crowd loved it: standing ovation! Carrie Ann liked how connected they were and thought the dance was show stopping and entertaining; Bruno called the routine a classic Hollywood movie style performance; but it was Len who threw water on the night, saying Drew looked gangly and too loose.

Terrell Owens: 20 out of 30
T.O. was a little t.o.'d after last week's scores. He thought he deserved a little bit more. He says dancing is like learning a foreign language, and he gets frustrated easily. Cheryl Burke is there to be the coach who pushes, compliments, and scolds. When he whines yet again about not having experience, Cheryl said "Boo Hoo! Let's go!" Carrie Ann was fanning herself with her paddle, she thought their foxtrot was so hot and steamy; Bruno changed the name of the dance to the "sextrot"; but again it was Len who disagreed. He thought the dance was too raunchy for ballroom night.

Derek Fisher: 19 out of 30
He's been the star of the basketball court many, many times, but Fish said nothing he's done before can compare to opening night at DWTS. Sharna Burgess wants to show off a different side to the athlete with their foxtrot. And his biggest fan is right at his side: his mom. She's at rehearsal and gets to take the stage with Derek and looks like it's the time of her life. Carrie Ann feels there's something magical about Derek on the dance floor but she wants more and bigger. She told him THIS is his court now, own the whole thing! Len also likes the joy Derek brings but wants more with finesse and technique.

Nick Lachey: 19 out of 30
Nick doesn't mind being in the middle of the pack from week 1. He sees himself as the tortoise, going slow and steady, and Peta Murgatroyd reminded him the tortoise won the race. Bruno thought the dance started strong but something happened to throw them (Peta's dress got caught up); Len told Nick he looked fragile and wants him to give the next routine a "bit of a stick."

Barbara Corcoran: 17 out of 30
Barbara took being at the bottom of the scoreboard in week 1 pretty hard. She revealed she grew up dyslexic and was made fun of when she was young. She also says that's what drives her today. Keo Motsepe choreographs a fun tango and she looks like she's having a ball. Len applauded her for being better than last week; Bruno thinks her stock is rising (Shark Tank reference, get it?) and Carrie Ann said Barbara radiated a new elegance and appeared more natural and relaxed.

In the end, two couples were called out as being "in jeopardy": Terrell Owens and Cheryl Burke, and Barbara Corcoran and Keo Motsepe. The first week's elimination: Barbara and Keo.

But no one gets to rest easy! There's another round of competition Tuesday for "Latin Night" and yes there will be another elimination.
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