Fantasy date flop for 'Bachelorette' Rachel, can she still find love?

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Rachel and Peter have a serious talk during this portion of "The Bachelorette" on ABC.

Rachel joined her final three men in Dallas for a meetup with her family on "The Bachelorette!" Rachel's sister is 8 months pregnant, so she can't travel. That's why the show is having the final three guys meet her family instead of just the final two. Rachel took them one-by-one to meet her family. She and Peter left first and they picked out a new baby outfit for the soon-to-be new arrival and something for the baby's big brother, Allister, who will soon be three years old. After that, they went to Rachel's family's house, where Peter told her that he's falling in love with her and Rachel told him, "I'm falling in love with you too!" She seemed relieved he said that before they went inside the house.

Once inside they met her mom, uncle, sister and brother-in-law. However, her dad is not going to be a part of the show. All Rachel would say is unfortunately her father wouldn't be available to meet any of the three remaining men. That's crazy! She could marry one of these guys! I wonder if any of them will try to at least call him on the phone? Peter sat at their dining room table and told her family how he fell in love with her by missing her. Her sister had a good first impression, but said she's a bit skeptical. Meantime, Peter played with little Allister and it was adorable. It warmed Rachel's heart. It seemed like things really progressed after a very positive visit!

The next day, it was Eric's turn to meet the family. They took things to the "next level" by going to the top of Reunion Tower. They admired the view and had some fruit and champagne. Eric revealed that he's nervous to meet her family because this a new thing for him, he's only met girlfriend's parents twice before.

Eric and Rachel went to her family's house and Eric launched right into how he was around a lot of unhealthy relationships as a child and young person, and how now he really craves a normal, happy family. Rachel's sister seems to think that Eric isn't even on the same playing field as Peter. She thinks that Eric isn't emotionally ready for this experience yet. Her mother was really tough on Eric and tried to make sure that he was ready for marriage and commitment. He told her that he wants a family and marriage and he seemed to really explain it well. "Mrs. Lindsay, I want to ask you if I have permission to propose and take your daughter's hand in marriage?" Eric asked. She told him that if Rachel wanted that she feels comfortable with the engagement because she trusts Rachel. It was a really sweet moment.

Bryan was last but not least to meet Rachel's family. He was wearing his watch and Rachel wore hers too, and Eric noticed it. He was hoping she wouldn't wear it, but she did! Bryan is getting to go out in downtown Dallas to meet her friends and coworkers! Is this a sign? Why didn't she take the other guys to meet her friends? Poor Eric got taken to a really tall building as far away as possible from her inner circle! Bryan made a great impression on her friends! Bryan even told her friends, right in front of Rachel, that he's in love with her. He was really happy with how the interaction worked out.

Bryan, during his interrogation by Rachel's mother, had a hard time answering where his loyalty would lie if there was a disagreement between Rachel and his mother. He kept saying Rachel, but it seemed to pain him. I think we all know he was kind of telling a lie there. The ladies in the room didn't seem to buy his sincerity, they all see him as a charmer. Bryan got really nervous at one point and excused himself! Yikes! Rachel told her mother and family members to lay off, and her brother-in-law told her she was being too emotional in the way she was talking to her mother. Rachel said that she didn't understand him either! This was getting very tense. Rachel did her best to explain everything to her mom, while Bryan spoke to her sister. Despite all of the distrust with Bryan throwing the word "love" around so easily, Rachel's mother still gave Bryan her blessing to ask Rachel to marry him. She did tell him to be wary if they didn't have any problems because she says everyone has problems, and if you don't, someone isn't being real.

Fresh of meeting the family, Rachel and her remaining three headed to the northern region of Spain! It's so beautiful! Eric was the first guy up for his fantasy date. They took a romantic helicopter ride over the area and did some kissing. They skipped off for a walk once they landed and eventually they sat and talked. I loved when Eric said, "You don't need much, but you need everything." It was really nice. After their deep talk, they rang the bell at the monastery. There's a legend where you ring the bell and make a wish and it is supposed to come true.

At dinner, Eric was trying to profess his love to Rachel and she dissected every single word he said. He was really trying hard and then he told her that she challenges him emotionally. She asked him if he thought he could get to the point of a proposal in this experience after never having been in love before. He told her he's in love with her and it makes him really, really happy. Then he flat out said, "I love you." Rachel kissed him, but didn't say, "I'm falling in love with you." Hmm. With that, she gave Eric the fantasy suite card and he happily accepted the invitation.

Rachel and Peter went to a wine cellar on their date and it was amazing looking! They got to do a lot of wine tasting, but before that, they had to listen to some sweet Spanish man talk to them in a language which they hardly understand. Then the man started singing in Spanish and they toasted their glasses after what felt like an eternity. Once they emerged from the wine dungeon (aka cellar) they sat outside and discussed how happy they were to see each other again after several days apart. They then talked about how he met her mother and Peter told Rachel that he only asked her mother for permission to date her, but not to get engaged yet. Then a cute little girl stopped by to give Rachel a flower. Random. Then, they stomped grapes "I Love Lucy" style, which was my favorite part of this date! I guess she wasn't bothered by the fact that he only asked for permission to date her?

The night with Peter started off great. He saved the cork from the bottle of wine they drank and he had her write "Rachel & Peter" on it. They said "Cheers" and then she asked him about where he stood with the possibility of a proposal. Rachel told him that she didn't come this far to end up with nothing. Peter said that while he respects her feelings he believes that an engagement IS marriage. He said he wants to be truly certain for the rest of time so he won't be able to propose yet. Peter told her that he doesn't know what the common ground is. "I don't know where to go from here to be honest," Peter said. Then Rachel started to cry in front of him! No! Now just like that, Rachel thinks they might not work out. You can watch their whole interaction in the video at the top of this page.

Next week, it's time for "The Men Tell All." You know what that means, plenty of Lee! Plus, will Dean be able to get some closure?
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