'Jeopardy!' James Holzhauer: How does current contestant compare to Ken Jennings, Brad Rutter and Julia Collins?

Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek himself has said that James Holzhauer has challenged his belief that Ken Jennings could never be beaten.

But what exactly does it mean to beat a past contestant on the show, and how close is "Jeopardy! James" to becoming the greatest of the great? The Jeopardy Hall of Fame has four categories: consecutive wins, regular season winnings, single-game winnings and all-time winnings. After recently passing Julia Collins' consecutive wins, Holzhauer has just two contestants ahead of him in any of the categories.

As Holzhauer prepares to return to the show on Monday after taking a break during the Teachers Tournament, let's take a look the stats and where he and other all-time best contestants stand.

James Holzhauer

First appearance: 2019; Currently on the show (Stats updated as of 5/03/19 episode)

Records: Single-game winnings ($131,127, won on April 17)

Holzhauer is the undisputed faster earner on the show, dominating this category. "Jeopardy! James" claims all top 10 spots.

Ken Jennings

First appearance: 2004

Records: Consecutive wins (74), Regular season winnings ($2,520,700)

Can Holzhauer surpass him? Holzhauer would need to stretch his weeks-long streak into a months-long streak before he has the longest run ever on the show. He's been quickly gaining in cash, however. At this rate, he'd pass Jennings' total regular season winnings in just a few more weeks' worth of playing time.

Brad Rutter

First appearance: 2000

Records: All-time winnings ($4,688,436)

Can Holzhauer surpass it? Holzhauer has a long way to go to become the person with the greatest all-time winnings, though he is in a solid third place behind Jennings and Rutter. Since Rutter got most of his money winning multiple tournaments, it may be a while before Holzhauer even gets a chance to overtake him.

Julia Collins

First appearance: 2014

Records: Third place in consecutive wins (20)

When did he pass it? Holzhauer nabbed second place on the consecutive wins list, held for five years by Collins, on May 2. With 22 games under his belt (including one very close call), the show has declared on social media that Holzhauer is officially #ChasingKen.

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