Local American Idol contestant takes on 'Hollywood Week'

BLACKWOOD, N.J. (WPVI) -- Dozens of people gathered at Camden County College for a viewing party to see South Jersey native Payton Taylor on "Hollywood Week" as she pursues her dream of becoming a country music star on American Idol.

"I don't know what could match this, this is incredible," said Taylor on Sunday night.

Main Stage Center for the Arts is where she's acted in plays like Alice in Wonderland. Now she's back on that stage with a guitar in hand, pursuing her dream to be a country music star.

"It was really different to see her here tonight because she's grown so much," said Ed Fiscela, a producer with Main Stage.

You may have seen her on last season's Idol where she and her sister were both given golden tickets but returned them, ultimately deciding not to compete against each other. This season it's just Payton.

"Really proud of her she's really worked hard," said Denise Coccia, Payton's mom.

And friends are here tonight sharing their memories of Payton

"This is so thrilling. I've known her for a long time now, I'm really good friends with her mom," said Denise Burns of Runnemeade.

Timothy Smith says, "It's pretty cool to see Payton cause I actually knew her since I did Main Stage, ever since I was little, so seeing her actually be on American Idol is kind of a cool thing.

Peyton's not the only local on Idol Sunday night. Margie Mays from Wilmington Delaware is also a contestant.
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