'Miss Saigon' cast reveals connection to the show

The legendary musical Miss Saigon opened this week at the Academy of Music with a star-studded cast, amazing music, and a story you'll never forget.

The show tells the story of a young Vietnamese woman named Kim who meets an American G.I during the Vietnam War.

And the encounter changes both of their lives forever.

We sat down with two members of the ensemble, who say the themes of the show still resonate today.

"It's not just love and war. It's just applicable to today. Everything that is going with refugees, visa topics, survival, children, freedom, hope; it's something you have to see," Matthew Overberg said.

Cast member Jackie Nguyen has a personal connection to the story.

Her mom was a Vietnamese teenager who met an American G.I. when they met and fell in love, got married, and had three children.

"She's seen this production twice and she loves it. She feels really, she doesn't have many words to describe it because it's so overwhelming to her, but one of the words she says a lot is honored," Nguyen said.

Miss Saigon runs through March 31st at the Academy of Music.
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