Potty break! Oprah stops to use stranger's bathroom while partying in LA

Oprah Winfrey (AP Photo)

It turns out even major celebrities sometimes get caught off guard with the need to go. While partying hopping around Los Angeles last week, Oprah Winfrey surprised a stranger when she asked to use his office restroom.

According to Page Six, a black SUV pulled up to an office building in Santa Monica at around 10:30 p.m. while the owner of the "World WideKat" blog was working late. The blogger opened the office door to see Selma director Ava DuVernay climb out of the SUV and greet him.

"I have Oprah and she really has to pee!" DuVernay exclaimed, according to Page Six. "Can she use your bathroom?"

The blogger obliged, letting Oprah inside. Afterward, she was apparently gracious in thanking the man, and consented to a photo with him.

When the blogger later told a skeptical co-worker, he showed her the photo, which she promptly posted to Instagram.

"The woman needs to use the ladies room and she stops by our freaking office!," wrote the co-worker on Instagram. "I'm in shock. I started my show because of her @oprah!!! The most inspiring amazing woman and I cannot believe she literally knocked on the door of our show's office... Most surreal moment of my life and I wasn't even there."

A representative for Oprah later explained to Page Six that DuVernay had been working in the same building earlier that day, and that Oprah was giving DuVernay a lift back to her car.

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