Philly breakdancers are taking their talents to the next level

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. (WPVI) -- The Philly sports scene is about to be flipped on its head!

That's because "breaking," more popularly known as breakdancing, is growing to enrich culture in the city.

Action News caught up with three "B-Boys," known as "Knuckles," "SupaJosh," and "Dosu," about how the scene is evolving in our backyard.

On May 11, a breaking competition hosted by Red Bull is making its way to Philadelphia. SupaJosh and Dosu will be competing among others, while Knuckles was proudly tapped as a judge.

The three dancers from around the tri-state area are already making their mark. If the dancers place high enough, they have the opportunity to compete on a national level.

The group finds it difficult to instill the proper name for this art form into society. They say "breakdancing" is a popular but misguided term for the proper "breaking" or "b-boying."
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