Russia planning real-life 'Hunger Games' reality show competition

It's being called the real-life "Hunger Games" - a dangerous, interactive, live streamed fight-for-your-life reality competition in Russia.

A Russian millionaire is funding a show called "Game2: Winter".

Thirty participants will compete against each other in the Siberian wild for survival. They will face bears, freezing temperatures, and other obstacles - all for a $1.7 million dollar prize.

But here's where this really has people talking. The producers say: "Everything is allowed - fighting, alcohol, murder, rape, smoking...anything."

The show will be watched in real-time with a paid-subscription by viewers who can vote and even fund a contestant.

The production team will not intervene, no matter what happens.

But that doesn't put the contestants above the law, so they can face arrest for any crimes committed.

Also, the island where 15 men and 15 women will be dropped looks nice in summer, but for the treacherous winter challenge, they will get to choose supplies and weapons and duke it out Katniss-style until a victor emerges.

So far, there are thousands of contestants vying for a shot to win that prize.