Strange instrument's marble melody captivating the internet

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It's called Wintergatan - a musical instrument built using 2000 marbles! (WPVI)

It's called a Wintergatan - a musical instrument built using 2000 marbles, and its melody is captivating the internet!

It was built by Swedish musician Martin Molin, who created a wooden music box powered by marbles.

How did he do it? Pulleys, levers, and gears.

The user turns a crank that moves 2,000 marbles around on tracks and through funnels.

The marbles then travel around and come in contact with other instruments like a kick drum, a bass guitar, and a marimba.

Watch the videos below.

Wintergatan - Marble Machine (music instrument using 2000 marbles)
And how it was built: The Marble Machine is Finished! 2000 marbles, 3000 parts
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