Watch this incredible 1-year-old drummer rock out

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Drumming sensation is only 23-months-old (KTRK)

Could this baby drummer be any cuter?! While most kids his age are still learning how to walk, 23-month-old LJ has mastered the drums and is a viral superstar.

His father, Justin Wilson posted a video of LJ performing on Facebook last week and his enthusiasm is contagious. The clip has been watched nearly 2 million times.

It's safe to say music is in LJ's blood - both of his parents are musicians. Justin Wilson plays piano and his wife Shelana Wilson, 31, is a singer.

"He created the melody and then I made a song out of it," said Wilson.
WATCH NOW: LJ Creating The Melody
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LJ is a star on the drums

Wilson and LJ love to have jam sessions together. His dad even created a Facebook page, Baby Boy Drummer which features all of LJ's performances.

"LJ's love for music and musical ability began in the womb," said Wilson. "He would tap rhythmically when his mom would tap her fingers on her belly and move when she sang to him."

Wilson said he began to expose LJ to complex melodies and rhythms at an early age instead of nursery rhymes. He even created a daily playlist for his son featuring classical and jazz music.

"Also being a musical family, fun songs were created for just about every activity: eating, changing a diaper, nursing, etc," said Wilson. "While LJ enjoys music from every genre, jazz, gospel and classical have emerged as favorites."

Now LJ's competing with his dad to be the musical director of the home. He orchestrates what instruments he wants his parents to play, directs them to sing and indicates whether mom's piano playing needs chords like daddy's. His musical ear continues to develop and he identifies various instruments by name when listening to songs.

His memory isn't just limited to music.

"He can recite and recognize all letters of the alphabet, count to 20 in English and Spanish, state all primary colors and shapes and spell his name," said Wilson.

No word yet on when LJ will officially grace the stage, but his father said he excited about sharing LJ's talent with the world.

"He's such a happy and gifted kid. We're happy that he's making so many people smile," said Wilson.

Check out LJ's Facebook page for more music from the little prodigy!

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