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The show is November 8th at 2pm. For tickets go to (WPVI)

Acrobats from halfway across the globe are bringing their high-flying performance to The Kimmel Center
The National Acrobats of the People's Republic of China served as a big bridge between East and West in 1972 when Richard Nixon invited the tumblers to perform at the White House. Formed by the Chinese government in 1951, they have been performing all over the world ever since and dazzling audiences everywhere with their seemingly impossible physical feats.

"They're so precise and they're so strong and they're so graceful that you just sit there in awe. You really, you're stunned. You can't take your eyes off of them, the movement, the balance, the acrobatics they can achieve." says Jay Wahl, Artistic Director for Programming and Presentations at the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts.

The performance includes unicycle balancing, hoop-diving, Chinese pole climbing, contortionists and lots of award-winning stunts.

"They create a show based on the best of the talents in Beijing and then they put that together and then they tour the world and as ambassadors of China and art," says Wahl.

The circus arts are a 3000 year old tradition in China. The troupe mixes traditional acrobats with modern stunts.

"They're flying through the air and they're forming shapes with their bodies that you and I can't normally do and I think it's something; it's really beautiful to watch," says Wahl who adds that the show is particularly exciting for kids.

"They love to see the magic that people can do with their bodies, with sparkling costumes and energizing music. It's the kind of act you don't see very often so we're very excited to have you bring your family and come down to check this out."

The show is November 8th at 2pm. For tickets go to

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